Patient Reviews

"I am 84 years young and was suffering from hip pain. With my 2nd trip to the Chiropractic Center, I am now pain free. Thank you Dr. Rod King for the great relief."
Guy S.

"God has given him a gift. Especially to help mankind. He is a very talented person. Doctors like him are hard to find. When I am hurting really bad. It seems from head to toe. Then the time has come. To Mark's office, I must go. You see he is a chiropractor. A darn good one at that. So, if you are really hurting Don't wait! See Mark right away. You certainly will be glad you did, In the long run it does pay."
-Helen B.

"Yesterday I had dad down to see Dr. Rod and you all were so thoughtful to squeeze me in as I was there waiting. My back and neck were both hurting and you just can't know how much I appreciate what you did. God bless You"
Dave F.

"Dr. Rod: I want to express my thanks and support of Dr. Rod' treatments that I have had over a period of time. My once a month appointments are very rewarding and ease my “hurts.” Because he has taken care of my neck and shoulder problems, I have been able to continue my participation in the Venango Chamber Orchestra. For a while I could not comfortably hold my violin to play and practice. Because he keeps me adjusted, I can play without any problems. Now I feel “82 years young” instead of “82 years old.”
Audine S.

"My son was born a premature twin in 1992. He suffered from a brain hemorrhage at birth that caused a mild form of CP (cerebral palsy) affecting his right side of his body. He was partly toilet trained by the age if three and completely (daytime) toilet trained by kindergarten. He still had wetting issues at night time.

Throughout the next several years we tried a lot of suggestions and recommendations from his local pediatrician, from his physicians at the Children's Hospital that was following his CP and from concerned friends and family members.

One recommendation, an expensive devise that would be snapped to his underpants at night and signal an alarm fastened to his shirt that would sound off a very loudly when it sensed dampness to his underpants. This experience was very disturbing to a young child in the middle of the night. We even tried prescription medication that was supposed to help something with bladder control. We also tried many other suggestions, from stickers, charts and rewards, to not allowing drinking fluids after dinner to drinking lots to increase bladder size, waking him up every couple hours throughout the night for bathroom trips and even sometimes punishment.

But to no avail, everything we tried brought no positive results. This caused both my son and me a lot of discouragement and embarrassment throughout the next several years. I, as a mother felt helpless and somewhat as a failure because everything we tried didn't seem to make any difference and I thought it still might be caused by the damage he had sustained at birth even though the doctors did not agree. We were always on the lookout for anything that would help our situation.

Sleepovers, away from home, whether with a friend, family or family vacations were nearly impossible. Even having friends sleepover at home was almost always an embarrassment for my son. It really affected our daily life, because it was a problem 6-7 days out of a week

Finally, when my son was 14 years old, a family member suggested a chiropractic adjustment, because they knew someone with a situation similar to ours and it had worked for them. I was very reluctant, but I made a call to an office which I knew of and spoke directly to the doctor. I explained to him, in complete confidence to save my son further embarrassment, the reason for wanting an appointment. The doctor was very helpful and encouraging. With just a couple appointments, my son started having dry nights! We had a few follow-up appointments, and our dry nights steadily increased and soon his dry nights became weeks and weeks became months! We were so thankful and amazed that such a simple solution had positive results, when all other things we tried failed.

My son is very happy and is no longer embarrassed to have friends stay or spend the night away from our home. I also am very happy with his success!!

P.S…So is our washer and dryer!!"
Char G.